Blue elePHPant adoPHPted!

Blue elephpant adopted – Article author: M. Kaiser

Blue elephpant

Take a look at this blue elephant. It’s the PHP mascot. Isn’t it awesome? I always wanted one. Unfortunately, there seems to be no place to buy it anymore”.

This statement from one of my friends was the beginning of my journey to find a real elePHPant plush toy. It wasn’t the first time he told me about how much he adored this adorable blue creature that represents his favourite programming language. In my high spirits I told him it would take me two weeks tops to get him one. Not even knowing where to start looking for it.It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. It took quite some time for someone like me that has no experience with programming whatsoever to do research about where this elephant originated from and who used to sell it.But a lot of caffeine and digging through old Forum posts paid out. I finally found a link between someone named “Vincent Pontier” and the elePHPant.A few days passed, a couple of emails had been sent and I was certain. This is it. I found the holy grail of plush toys.Mister Pontier responded almost immediately and told me that there are still many elePHPants that are looking forward to being adopted.As happy as I could be, I ordered one. Already looking forward to my friend’s reaction of him opening the package and being surprised by something he always wanted.Fast forward a few days and the package arrived at his place. Suddenly I was greeted by a flood of text messages of him sending heart emotes and telling me about how happy he was about this very special gift.I’ve never had anything to do with PHP or programming in general but ever since I had the opportunity to make someone this happy by simply sending him a blue elephant with “PHP” stitched to the side of it I always feel a rush of joy when reading about anything PHP related.As you can see in the picture he of course feeds his elePHPant delicious PHP code. It’s his favourite.

Best regards KM&RB

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